All Aboard the Sweat Express

Pedal, sweat and meet your fitness goals

Sweat Express at Sweat by JSF isn't your average spinning class. This high-intensity course will leave you feeling sore, and that's how you know it's worth it. Our 35-minute indoor studio cycling class focuses on aerobics and interval training to give you a calorie-torching, body-toning workout from the comfort of one of our state-of-the-art bikes.

Ready to start pedaling? Stop by today for a single class or to sign up for one of our class packages.

Get more out of your workout

At Sweat by JSF, we know how to make you sweat-it's in our name. If you're ready to feel the burn, attend a Sweat Express class. During the 35-minute class, you'll:

  • Ride to the beat of high-energy music blasting through the studio
  • Work out your lower body and your shoulders, triceps, biceps, abs and obliques
  • Reach your fitness goals while having fun with friends
Want to take your experience to the next level? Ask about MyZone, a cutting-edge heart rate monitor that you can use during your workout.

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